—Keeping the tests user friendly was a big concern for us and our chemists were able to get the calcium test to two steps only. Having clear color changes in the titration was also key, to help eliminate user confusion on guessing if they are reading the test accurately. —

Each test uses a two-part chemical reaction and a syringe to add water until the final color is hit. We also guarantee you’ll get 50 tests out of each calcium test.

Our way of testing Ca is a bit different and based on direct titration where we add sea water to the chemical solution. Our preferred solution reacts first to Ca and then Mg. at this end it reacts to the colored indicator of the metal ion and that's the stage of changing colors. The indicator color is changing in a very clear step from pink to blue. Our ability to produce in small batches is critical to achieve analytical calibration which is a key to our tests accuracy.