Each kit will give you 120 tests.

1. Using the 5 ml syringe add 5ml of aquarium water to the test vial.

2. Using the 1 ml syringe, place the metal needle firmly and draw up the KH solution until the lower end of syringe's black rubber is right on the 1.00 ml mark.

• Before this step, ensure that the metal needle is empty of liquids and that it's submersed in water the entire time to avoid air entering to the syringe.

• The presence of small layer of air between the liquid and the black part of syringe is normal and will not affect the result (The normal air layer you should see is equal to 0.01 ml).

3. Start adding KH solution to the test vial one drop at a time, swirling a little after each drop. After 2-3 drops you will get solution with blue color: 

4. Continue adding KH solution to the test vial until the color will change to: Yellow 

• There will be short stage of green color. The final result is when the solution is changed from green color to yellow. When the solution is green you are very close to the final result - about (1-2 drops).
Pay attention that by adding KH solution more than needed the yellow color will get brighter.


5. Note the position of the lower black part of syringe (each division corresponds to 0.01 ml) and obtain the KH result from the table. Readings should be taken at the position of the lower end of syringe's black rubber.